Racine, Wisconsin Claims to Fame
Actors, Actresses and Personalities

Frederic March - ActorBorn Ernest Frederick Bickel in Racine, Wisconsin 31st August 1897. Died from cancer in Los Angeles 14th April 1975. Entered films as an extra, and gradually settled in Hollywood with the coming of sound. Won two Oscars for DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES 1946. won Tonys "Years Ago" 1947 and LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT 1957.

Bickel House
1635 College Avenue
The childhood home of Frederic Bickel, better known as Frederic March, actor. This five-block section of College Avenue is still paved with the original red brick and stone curbing installed in 1897, a matter of great community pride.

Born Ellen Hansen in Racine, she grew up in Philadelphia. Both parents were Danish born and Ellen liked to say that she was "Danish at heart." 

Best known for THE WALTONS in the 1970's,  Ellen Corby won 3 Emmys for her role as Grandma (Esther Walton). She is also known for her role as Aunt Trina in I REMEMBER MAMA in 1948 and Starred in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE in 1946. Ellen Corby has had a career with over 100 appearances in Film and Television, including Mother Lurch on THE ADAMS FAMILY and an appearance in 1966 on the Batman TV series.

Ellen Corby died April 14, 1999 at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, Calif. after a career that spanned 60 years. She was 87.

He and his family live on what they like to call the Third Coast, in fabulous Racine, Wis., on lovely Lake Michigan. Starring as 9-year old Devon Butler in COP AND A HALF with Burt Reynolds in 1993. Golden also played Pip in USA Network's TV movie MOBY DICK with Patrick Stewart and Gregory Peck in 1998.


Starred as Sam Houston in "Heroes of the Alamo" 1938, also father of Wisconsin actor Edward Piel Jr. 

Played Zandor in 1938 "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars" Films also include: SCARFACE (1932), THE PHANTOM EMPIRE (1935), OREGON TRAIL (1939), COURAGEOUS AVENGER (1935), FIGHTING MARINES (1935)

Born March 4, 1934 and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, Barbara McNair graduated from High School and spent a year at UCLA training as a music major. Deciding to devote herself to a singing career, she made her debut at New York City's Village Vanguard. She became a popular supper club singer in the US, Europe and South America and learnt about her art when she toured with Nat 'King' Cole. In addition to his magnificent tones, Cole's phrasing and his handling of an audience gave her an unparalleled insight into her chosen career.

Motown used her Playboy photo on the cover of 'The Real Barbrara McNair ' (1969) which included 'It Happens Every Time'. Her earlier album 'Here I Am' (1966) was produced by Frank Wilson and amongst the tracks are 'Everything is good about you' and her original version of 'For Once In My Life'. Prior to this in 1965 she released 'You're gonna' love my baby', a record that portrays all that's best from Motown.

She has had a recurring role on the "Soap Opera", "GENERAL HOSPITAL" and her own show again in 1969 and 1970 -"THE BARBARA MCNAIR SHOW". he was the first African-American to host own TV show .

Films:  NEON SIGNS (1996), FATAL CHARM (1992), THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS (1970),  STILETTO (1969),  IF HE HOLLARS LET HIM GO (1968), THE UNKISSED BRIDE (1966) ...and more

Ventriloquist actor plays Zzeben on "Conan" 1997. Mr. McRay has also spent time in the navy. He was a Navy Honourman before he relocated to the Great Lakes Illinois for his 'gunnery 'A' school'. He took electronic training in Southern California and did some special warfare training as well. His navy tattoo was incorporated into the tv show Conan because it is so original